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Glint offers boundless lighting products and aims to provide top technology introducing a new way of lighting through an integrated and dynamic dialogue with the architectural design and space.

Since 2021, we’ve been providing lighting design services for discerning clients in hospitality, corporate, residential, and retail sectors.

Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality

Lighting done right, it not only accentuates a space's architectural features but also makes inhabitants feel at ease.

User experience

User experience

Lighting plays a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture. Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally or artificially, lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings around us.



Areas should be illuminated so occupants feel safe when navigating a room or entire building. More than just a practical source of illumination, it’s a tool for sculpting spaces and making a bold statement.

Carefully crafted lighting solutions

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    We analyze your project

    We analyze the needs of each project to provide the right combination of LED light that optimizes the amount of light and maximizes energy savings.

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    A completely tailor made proposal is provided, with the selection of products that best suits each space.

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    Perfect lighting

    We take care of every detail, taking care of the angle, the color temperature, the efficiency and the light effects necessary for the project.

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    We provide energy savings, duration, variety, sustainability and safety in each of our products.

    Light is the fourth dimension of architecture

    Our lighting solutions lend buildings, offices and outdoor facilities an additional design dimension and give added value to the people who use them on a daily basis.

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